What is CBD Oil? 

CBD oil better known as Cannabis oil, is a sticky thick substance that is mainly composed of cannabinoids, consisting of CBD and THC, that is obtained from cannabis plants using a procedure that requires solvent extraction. 

This is most commonly concentrated from a form of cannabis products, that typically makes cannabis oil very powerful. This specific oil can get swooped up into the lungs, taken orally, can be applied topically or even used as a suppository. A person is also allowed to mix with any types of creams or salves for proper beauty treatments, and any other external uses. 

Cannabis plants are originally from the Central part of Asia, and is considered to be one of the oldest, stimulating drugs that help with the mental state of a person known to mankind. This plant is very hard to trace, seeing as though it was consumed and cultivated way before writing was thought of. Archeological discoveries have been made that the plant of cannabis been well known and discovered in China for at least since the time around 4000 BC. 

CBD oil has been a big factor in helping many different conditions consisting of asthma, migraines, epilepsy and so much more. Although these topics should be discussed for treatment, cancer is one that needs to be our focus as of right now. 

How do Cancer Cells begin? 

Every human being’s body has cells. person’s body has cells. Specific cells tend to multiply and divide, which creates new tissue to develop, other cells consisting of nerve and muscle cells don’t multiply or divide. Certain genes that the body contains is called oncogenes, meaning that it control a cells chance to prosper and separate. Tumor suppressor genes are genes that gives a signal to the cell that they don’t need to continue to grow. 

When cancer takes place, the oncogenes are then turned on when they shouldn’t be and the tumor suppressor genes are turned off when they’re not supposed to be. When this takes place it results in the excessive growth of cells that are in the form of tumors. 

Hemp Oil Cancer Treatment 

When THC is connected to the CBD receptors within the cancer cell, it typically induces an increase in a process called ceramide synthesis which then leads to the death of a cell. Normally a cell does not actually produce ceramide when its close to THC and in that case there’s no way that it’s not affected in any way by these receptors. 

Cancer cell don’t die because of cytotoxic chemicals, rather it dies because of the small change within the mitochondria. Mitochondria is made within a cell to give off and produce a good amount of energy source for the cell. Then the ceramide is being produced, the sphingolipid rheostat is then increased. This production then increases the mitochondrial membrane to c cytochrome. 

The actual presence of ceramide does not leave any possibility of survival for the cancer cell, mainly because stress is caused within the cells of cancer which typically generates p53 that disrupts calcium in the mitochondria. To kill cancer the amount of ceramide being left in the system is the key to killing it. So you have to take a decent amount of CBD and THC, on a daily basis for a good period of time, you have to keep the pressure on it to kill it for good. 

Functional Remedie

You have to digest the cannabis oil daily, not too much just a little bit and also apply it to the spot of skin cancer or wherever. This functionalremedie will have you well on your way to a new and long healthy life. Just take the time out to read this Hemp oil cancer treatment blog.