Why Engaging With ‘Staffing Company’ Can Be Beneficial for Your Business

As a business leader and a manager, your primary job would be to keep your employees motivated and ensure that they are more than 100% productive. As you would be involved in managing your team, you would have a better understanding of the hiring needs. There might be cases where you would require new people (fresher/experienced) only when there is a temporary requirement. You have to make a conscious decision on whether you need to hire full-time employees or part-time employees. Irrespective of the vacancies, you will have to involve the Human Resources Team since they will support you in advertising in job portals, identifying potential candidates, negotiating with the candidates for salary, etc. Many companies, even multi-national giants partner with HR placement agencies who have an extensive database of candidates that might have the necessary skills & experience to fill up the vacancies.

HR Placement agencies like Manpower Group have expertise in staffing (temporary & permanent), recruitment, leadership training that would come in handy when hiring people across different levels. Engaging such staffing companies in India reduces the load from the resident Human Resources team who are on a regular payroll. They can focus on resolving issues that are being faced by their employees since ‘staffing related work’ can be outsourced to a specialized staffing agency. By following such a model, a company can reduce the overhead costs involved in hiring & managing a large HR team. In this manner, companies can follow a more ‘agile approach’ to meet the dynamic business needs.

Once an employee has been hired, managers have to provide continuous feedback about the performance of the employee and try to engage in 360-degree feedback so that the manager can also work on his improvement areas. ‘Effective Communication’ is key in such cases and staffing agencies that provide ‘Leadership Development’ training can help in this regard. A staffing company like Manpower Group is an ideal choice since it provides a gamut of services in the Human Resource Management space. They provide Talent Based Outsourcing (TBO) services, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services, temporary staffing, skill development, and a variety of other services. In a nutshell, you only need one ideal RPO partner who can help you with all your staffing related work.

There is no ‘thumb rule’ on how to select the right RPO partner. It is suggested that you should partner with a staffing company keeping an eye on the long-term planning. Based on your area of business, come up with a blueprint about the candidate profile requirements, mandatory & optional skills, ‘Plan-B’ in case you are unable to hire talent with those skills in the designated time-frame. In large organizations, employees have multiple skills and all they need is hand-holding to polish those skills. Hence, it is recommended that managers should focus on ‘internal employees’ before looking for potential hires from outside the company. Managers should work collaboratively with the RPO partner for meeting the Learning & Development (L&D) requirements of their team members.

‘Hiring’ is just an icing on the cake when it comes to engaging with an experienced staffing agency that provides multiple services. Having large HR teams are passé since staffing agencies can do much more than just HR placement. Guess what, you get all these services at a much lesser cost!