ePINCall to Your Benefit

Mobility is the order of the day in today’s world which is well complemented by mobile phones. With the growing need for faster communication all across society, we can’t think of life without mobile phones. Mobile phone no longer serves the purpose of verbal communication alone; it performs multiple tasks such as money transfer, data transfer, mail etc. to name a few. In short, mobility is the buzz in the 21st Century. ePINCall supports and patronizes the communication on the move at its best. How? Let us explore.

What is ePINCall?

A problem well defined is half solved – so goes a maxim that potentially reaffirms that knowledge is power to us. It is this knowledge which helps us sail over the problems unscathed.

ePINCall is an e-commerce site where we can buy prepaid phone cards and prepaid calling cards for domestic long distance and international calls. Get the offer for the Smart Phone, Greatest Technological Advancement of the Last Decade. The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) here is that we can instantly recharge our prepaid phone cards online and calling cards since the site delivers recharge PINs through e-mail. 

How ePINCall can be to our benefit? 

From the diagram above we can easily connect as to how ePINCall can be of use to us such as the following. 

Best Rates: The site offers us the best rates from our location. For example, you are browsing the site from the US. The site will then offer you the best rates applicable to the US only. You need not to have to worry about this – just click on the tab “Best Rates” and relax. A chart will appear on your PC screen earmarking applicable best rates for a host of countries from the US alongside purchase option.

Wide Array of Products: Options unlimited – this is perhaps the phrase that can describe the arrangement best. There are innumerable options to choose from. Click on the tab “Phone Card” and choose the service provider. There’s no push selling for sure.   

Web Call: It is a unique service that connects two phones located anywhere in the world. Rates applicable are also low. Log on to www.epincall.com and on the home page top panel you get to see a tab “Web Call”. Click on the tab and do the necessities there. It is however mandatory to mention here that you have to first get yourself registered with the site under the tab “Log In/Register”. 

PC to Phone Call: It is another revolutionary product from ePINCall that allows us to connect with any land phone or cell phone around the world at ease through PC (Personal Computer). The PC, however, has to have a live internet connection. Click on the dedicated tab for this and do the needful. 

Live Support Online: Live support is meant for assisting people in distress and answer queries. 

Easy Payment: You can use a debit/credit card for making payments online.   

This all technical thing that changed customer experience as well.  So with this globalized world where you can afford to stay a single minute without your Smartphone, you can get the advantage of emerging technology to make your life even better. Make your life superb by using the appropriate technology. Live smart!