Birthday Surprise Ideas for Your Puppy Lover Friend

We all have a range of friends who are unique to each other. Some are a shopaholic, some are movie-marathoners. Some are the nature lovers. But no matter in any friend circle you go, you will always find a puppy lover friend. In brief, we all have a ‘puppy-lover’ being living inside us. We always find this friend to shower love on dogs anywhere. They are the angels in the shape of human and we should always keep them at special places of our hearts. These people have amazing kind hearts which is always ready to help. It is our duty to preserve these precious souls from going away. We love to celebrate our entire friend’s birthday, but special for these ones. We know what can be the biggest birthday surprise for them. 

Here are the followings. 

1) Send Dog Themed Invitations

The dog-themed invitation is for those who love the dogs. You can use any paper with a hard card stock. Cut the cardstock as well as the craft paper in various shapes. It can be a dog’s face or shape of a bone. Or you can opt for a dog house or a whole dog shape. The paint or print on them according to your design. Sketch pens are best as they are available in bright colors. On the flip side, write the invitation mentioning the essentials. This can be an adorable way of inviting a guest to a dog lover’s birthday party.  

2) Decoration Ideas

You can use various decorative props that relate to dogs. First one is the balloons. You can get dog face printed balloons as well as paw print balloons that go perfectly with the theme. Or you can buy a birthday balloon for delivery to the dog lover friend. DO not forget to send them gifts with even a paw-printed wrapping paper as well. Next, choose the colors. Try to separate the colors according to the breeds. If he/she loves Dalmatian, then black and white is the theme. For other dogs, you can choose brown and black with yellow. Arrange for dog printed platters and napkins as well. 

3) Food

Getting food for dog parties is no big deal. The best food resembling dog party is the ‘hot-dog’. Also, you can serve tin foods which look very much like dog food. Choosing dog bowls for serving meat-loaf or puppy chow is also another good option. Cake is an essential part of birthday parties. As it is the birthday of the dog lover, bring a bone shaped cake. Ordering a cake with his/her favorite dog’s photo will also be an amazing personalized gift. You can also serve pizza in massive bone shapes. 

4) Fun Ideas of Games and Activities

Dogs love to run around and jump. So a sack race can be a great idea of dog theme game if it is an outdoor party. If not, you can play musical hands with dog theme songs. You can also play puppy just as the way you play the B-I-N-G-O game on paper. You can also hire a balloon artist and ask them to twist the balloons in various dog shapes. The indoor party with adults can be great with guessing the doggy game. You will show pictures of dogs and one has to identify the breed. 

5) Party Favors

At the party ends, it is time for the party favors. For kids give them red noses to wear. For all the guests arrange for some bone shape truffles. Dog shaped sugar cookies or doggy ear bag full of candies are good ideas as well. Some send birthday gifts online and you should return them as well. For online return gift, you can choose a book based on dogs or a dog- movie DVD. 

Dog lovers are the best human in the world. We all should let them as generous as they are. So, above are the best birthday gifts for your dog-lover friend.