How To Waterproof Your Makeup Easy Way

One day left to your wedding, and you are preparing for your final day as fast as you can. You want to leave no stone untouched because it is your wedding and you want it perfectly perfect that even stars say to you that you are looking more bright and shiny than them. You have booked one of the best makeup artists for your wedding who has years of experiences and knows every nuances of makeup art, and you are sure that she will do the work magnificent. So next day when you go for makeup, you are all queenly summed up for the wedding but suddenly as you enter with bridesmaid, rain comes, which ruin your makeup.

This mishap can happen with any bride and they should be aware about it otherwise a few drops of rain can destroy your makeup. So according to weather, makeup should be done and paid attention during unguessed weather conditions. In summer, it should be sweat proof and in during rain time, it should be rain proof. Hence here, we are telling you how to rain proof your makeup provided if rain comes during the wedding, you can easily embrace it without worrying about the makeup.

How To Waterproof Your Makeup:

Apply powder: 
If you want your foundation to last longer, you can use powder and it also helps in waterproofing it. You should use foundation with a beauty blender setting powder on the face. Using the powder on the top keeps your makeup put through whole day. There are many varieties of powders in the market. You can use what you like. Use the one which is shine absorbing, has matte finish and oil free too.

Layer the eye liner: After setting up your face with powder, now it is the time to keep your beautiful eye liner intact and in place. Whatever color of eye liner you have used, you need to use the same tone of cream shadow to set it at place. Use only a waterproof shadow stick that can keep your eye liner for longer time.

Using your favorite stain:Brides love to use blush but when weather is cloudy and there are chances of coming rain, you should use cheek stain. Blush sometimes fades and smudges and doesn’t last longer. Stain tints the cheeks provided color lasts longer. On the stain you can use blush if you want to little bit emboss the color. There are several best varieties of stains that you can use. Just pick your favorite one.

Makeup Lock & Seal: This is a miracle for you and it is the miracle. With the help of this makeup lock & Seal, you can lock anything whether it is your eyeliner, shadows, brow color, lipstick or blush. This seal is completely smudge proof, water-safe and it quickly dries too. You only need to pour few drops of it in a small bowl, and then dip the brush and continue your makeup what you are doing with your usual beauty products.

Waxing the brows: If you are ignoring the brows, then don’t think that your eye liner would look perfect. Give equal attention to both, and to keep your brows in place, use a waxy primer to keep water away. It should be applied on your pencil or powder.  

Use gel despite heavy eye cream: Skin around the eyes is soft and it should be make-upped delicately. So rather than using heavy eye cream, use lightweight gel, which is moisturizing, not oily and your skin can absorb it quickly.

So we have told you about how to water-proof your makeup with some of the best beauty products. You can use others if your selection is different. Only use with which your skin feels comfortable. Apart from all, there are many best beauty parlour in bangalore that you can go for your makeup if your destination wedding is in the city. Choose the best one according to your budget.